An un­usual bunker in­ci­dent

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Two balls were close to each other in a bunker. Player A blasted out, but moved Player B’s ball. What is the decision? Gary Coombe, Cape Town

If two balls are ly­ing close to­gether, Player A has the right un­der Rule 22-2 to re­quire Player B to mark the po­si­tion of and lift his ball. If he fails to do so, and in mak­ing a stroke at his ball, A’s club causes B’s ball move to move, there is a one-shot penalty un­der Rule 18-3b. Player B must re­place his ball. Rule 18-3b is about a player’s ball ba­si­cally be­ing un­touch­able by any of his fel­low com­peti­tors. If you were walk­ing down the fair­way, and ac­ci­dently kicked another player’s ball, you would be pe­nalised. Club golfers con­sis­tently break this rule when they take it upon them­selves to mark another player’s ball on the green to speed up play.

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