Fifty years ago, James Bond van­quished an arch vil­lain on the golf course. But did he de­serve to win?

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - – Ron Kaspriske

Iden­ti­fy­ing the times that they cheat in the James Bond movie “Goldfin­ger.”

What a hot mess. The in­fa­mous scenes of a golf match be­tween James Bond and the vil­lain Goldfin­ger are roughly six min­utes of cheat­ing, bad eti­quette, rules vi­o­la­tions and glimpses of per­haps the scari­est cad­die in golf his­tory. Fifty years after the movie “Goldfin­ger” de­buted, it’s still mem­o­rable. So much so that we had a prom­i­nent rules of­fi­cial re­view the footage ap­ply­ing cur­rent rules. He asked to re­main anony­mous be­cause “007 has a li­cence to kill.” Here’s what the rules of­fi­cial said. With the match all square go­ing to the 17th hole, the two agree to raise the stakes from a shilling a hole to the value of a rare gold bar that Bond pos­sesses – worth £5 000. They also make a point of agree­ing to play by “strict rules.” Bond splits the fair­way with his tee shot, but Goldfin­ger fol­lows by knock­ing his in the rough. While pre­tend­ing to search for the ball, Goldfin­ger’s cad­die, Odd Job, cheats by slip­ping another ball down his pants leg and then no­ti­fy­ing Goldfin­ger that he found the orig­i­nal. James Bond tells his own cad­die that he knows it’s not Goldfin­ger’s tee ball. Why? Bond is pur­posely stand­ing on it to hide its lo­ca­tion.

RULES OF­FI­CIAL “Both should be dis­qual­i­fied for bla­tant cheat­ing right there (Rule

33-7). Putting that aside for a sec­ond, Goldfin­ger would lose the hole for play­ing from the wrong place (Rule 20-7a), be­cause he should have re­turned to the tee to re­play the pre­vi­ous stroke and taken a one-shot penalty for the lost ball.” After the 17th hole gets halved, 007 slyly switches Goldfin­ger’s Slazenger 1 to a Slazenger 7 ball he found on the pre­vi­ous hole and tosses it to the un­know­ing vil­lain. Bond and his cad­die dis­cuss that if Goldfin­ger doesn’t re­alise the switch and tees off with the new ball, he’ll lose the hole for play­ing the wrong ball. Goldfin­ger steps to the tee box ahead of Bond and hits his drive.

“We’ll get to the ball switch in a minute. Goldfin­ger could have been made to re­call the stroke by Bond for play­ing out of or­der in match play But Bond chose to ig­nore that vi­o­la­tion.” Goldfin­ger makes a 5 on the 18th and Bond needs to sink his putt Goldfin­ger could have out­smarted Bond if he’d known Rule 15. When Bond con­fronted him about play­ing a wrong ball, all Goldfin­ger had to do was chal­lenge 007 for ev­i­dence. Ob­vi­ously, Bond couldn’t prove he played a wrong ball in the fair­way. And if Bond, in des­per­a­tion, in­formed Goldfin­ger that he was aware that Odd Job had cheated on the 17th, Goldfin­ger could have coun­tered that it’s too late to make that claim. Bond would have had to call Goldfin­ger on the vi­o­la­tion be­fore ei­ther of them teed off on the 18th. “Moot point, Mr Bond: You lose the hole and the match.”

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