How to take ad­van­tage of this green­side lie.

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f all the un­even lies you get around the greens, the up­s­lope is by far the eas­i­est. The hill pro­vides built-in loft, so all you have to fo­cus on is catch­ing the ball solidly. Do that, and you’ll hit a nice, high shot

Othat lands softly.

The prob­lem is, a lot of golfers feel the need to lean into the slope on un­even lies, and that turns this into a much harder shot. Lean­ing for­ward makes your swing steeper, so you have to drop the club­head per­fectly onto the ball. If you don’t get this just right, you’ll tend to catch the ball fat – and hit it nowhere.

Take ad­van­tage of the slope by set­ting your shoul­ders level with the in­cline. That makes it play like a nor­mal pitch. Be­cause the hill adds height to the shot, take a club with less loft, like a 9-iron in­stead of a sand wedge, and play the ball a lit­tle for­ward of cen­tre. Then just swing up the slope. You’ll pop it into the air and have a chance to save par.


Po­si­tion your shoul­ders level with the in­cline, then swing up the slope.

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