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There are a lot of ways to swing the club, but the most con­sis­tent play­ers have the left wrist, left fore­arm and club­face on the same an­gle at the top of the back­swing. The way to ac­com­plish that is to keep your left wrist flat ( above). If the wrist is cupped (bent in­ward) like @SteenSi­mon had it in one re­cent Twit­ter ex­change or bowed (bent out­ward) like @Kei­thMor­ris23 in another, you’ll have to re-route the club on the way down to com­pen­sate.

When the wrist cups or bows, the club will be ei­ther across the line (pointed right of the tar­get) or laid off (pointed well left of the tar­get) at the top of the swing. If the club is laid off, you’ll tend to cut across the ball from out to in. If it’s across the line, you’ll tend to swing too much from in to out. Get the shaft on plane with the club­face square – and your left wrist flat – and you’ll have the best chance to hit con­sis­tent shots with­out hav­ing to make any last-sec­ond re­cov­er­ies.

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