A sim­ple key for ef­fec­tive driv­ing: Play for po­si­tion

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Swing Sequence - Jor­dan Spi­eth LEFT-HAND CON­TROL PIVOT, DON’T SWAY FLAT AND STACKED

Spi­eth’s left hand is turned more to­wards the tar­get than you see with a lot of play­ers. This grip makes it eas­ier to hit the ball high and fade it, says swing coach Cameron McCormick. Spi­eth adds that it’s a con­stant adjustment to get it right. “A draw feels nat­u­ral to me, but I needed to find ways to make fad­ing it eas­ier.” Let­ting his body sway away from the tar­get dur­ing the back­swing was an is­sue for Spi­eth, McCormick says. “You can’t hit it high or cre­ate enough power for tourlevel golf if you sway. You have to pivot your body and let your arms and club move deep around it.” Says Spi­eth: “I fo­cus the first third of my swing on the pivot.” Piv­ot­ing prop­erly al­lows Spi­eth to make a flat­ter and deeper back­swing all the way to the top, set­ting up a down­swing that doesn’t re­quire any re-rout­ing, ac­cord­ing to McCormick. The look and feel of a good pivot is “stacked,” Spi­eth says. “My shoul­ders have turned on top of my hips, in­stead of drift­ing back.”


Spi­eth starts the down­swing with a pow­er­ful ro­ta­tion of his hips and lower body to­wards the tar­get. “This move clears the body out of the way and gives him plenty of room to swing the club down on an arc as close to his in­tended flight line as pos­si­ble,” McCormick says. “It’s a big rea­son why his shots are never too far off line.”


“Jor­dan doesn’t re­ally roll his fore­arms, and that’s another rea­son he has great con­trol,” McCormick says. “He holds off club ro­ta­tion, and through im­pact he tries to make the face look in the di­rec­tion he wants the ball to go. This re­sults in his arms re­ally ex­tend­ing after the strike – it’s just his re­lease pat­tern.”


Play­ers who rely too much on their hands and arms to square the club­face and strike the ball typ­i­cally strug­gle to gen­er­ate power and hit the ball solidly, McCormick says. “That’s not the case here. Jor­dan con­tin­ues to pivot with his body long after the ball is gone. It’s a great move for am­a­teur golfers to copy.”

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