Is This Okay?

See if you can dis­tin­guish a rules vi­o­la­tion from some­thing that’s per­fectly al­low­able

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - The Golf Life - – RON KASPRISKE

1 Your ball is rest­ing on the edge of a slope on the green. After you mark and re­place your ball, you’re afraid it might start rolling down the slope while you wait for your turn to putt. So you mark it and lift it again. When it’s your turn, you quickly re­place the ball in its proper spot and putt be­fore it can roll down the slope.

2 Your ball lands and stops next to some fresh paint in the fair­way used to mark ground un­der re­pair. It’s all over the ball, so you mark it, lift it and try to scrub off the paint with your towel.

3 You teed your ball in front of the mark­ers (a two-shot penalty) and it goes out-of-bounds (a penalty of stroke and dis­tance). Your op­po­nent says you’re hit­ting your fourth shot when you re-tee.

4 A hill blocks your view of the green. After walk­ing up the hill to see where the flag is, you go back to your ball, ad­just the po­si­tion of a twig in front of you to in­di­cate your tar­get line, and then hit your shot.

5 Your op­po­nent hits into a lat­eral wa­ter haz­ard. In­stead of drop­ping another ball near where the orig­i­nal en­tered the haz­ard, he goes to the op­po­site side and drops by a spot that is the same dis­tance from the hole as where his ball en­tered.

6 Your op­po­nent’s tee shot hits a power line over the fair­way and bounces into the rough. He says the course has a Lo­cal Rule that gives him the op­tion of play­ing the ball as it lies or re-tee­ing

with­out penalty, so he’s go­ing to in­spect his lie be­fore choos­ing the bet­ter op­tion.

7 Your ball might be sit­ting in ca­sual wa­ter, so you jump up and down to see if the ground is sat­u­rated. Wa­ter ap­pears after you’ve jumped, so you want to take free re­lief.

8 You’ve lost all the balls in your bag, so you ask your op­po­nent if you can have one of his to con­tinue play.

9 Your play­ing part­ner’s ball comes to rest next to an ir­ri­ga­tion-con­trol box in the rough that will in­ter­fere with his next shot. He cor­rectly mea­sures for the drop but plops the ball into the fair­way – not the rough.

10 Your club crashes into turf be­hind the ball, caus­ing it to move. You then strike the mov­ing ball dur­ing the through-swing. You think it’s one stroke be­cause you hit the ball only once.

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