This setup trick will get you stick­ing it close

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents 6/15 - – with Nick Seitz

How to stick it close more of­ten from 50 me­tres out.

The 40- or 50-me­tre wedge is one of the most feared shots in golf for the av­er­age player. But it doesn’t have to be. One easy ad­just­ment will help you hit it solid ev­ery time. Take your ad­dress with the ball a lit­tle for­ward of cen­tre in your stance and your weight evenly dis­trib­uted be­tween your feet. Now, be­fore you start the club back, slide your hips to­wards the tar­get. Why? A short wedge shot doesn’t re­quire a full swing, so you don’t have time to make a big weight shift to your front side like you do on a longer shot. This hip slide helps com­pen­sate for that by mov­ing your weight pre­dom­i­nantly onto the front foot be­fore you swing. It’ll help you hit the ball first, then take a divot. That ball-then-divot pro­gres­sion is your goal, es­pe­cially on wedge shots.

Just be­fore you start your swing, move more weight to your front foot.


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