Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Con­tents 6/15 - Never miss a two-footer Jim McLean is a Golf Di­gest Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional.

Never miss a two-foot putt.

ou just hit a great iron shot or co­zied up a chip. Now you’ve got two feet left. Cu­ri­ously, your op­po­nent isn’t say­ing boo. So you go up to tap it in, draw the put­ter back and... Oh no! Power lip-out.

We’ve all done it – a lot. The real prob­lem is, most golfers have an un­spo­ken pact with their bud­dies that they don’t have to make short putts. Ev­ery­body sweeps them away. Then when they get in a tour­na­ment they’re look­ing at th­ese two-foot­ers think­ing Oh man, I could miss that. Plus, there’s often a lot of foot traf­fic around the cup, caus­ing marks and bumps – more food for ner­vous thought.

So here’s what you need to do when you face a testy short putt: First, be aware of making a good stroke. Don’t just walk up and hap­haz­ardly swipe at the ball. Sec­ond, read the slope and align your put­ter­face care­fully. Even two-foot­ers can break enough to miss. Third, keep your head still un­til well af­ter the ball is gone. Most short misses hap­pen be­cause the player wants to see the ball fall into the cup or tries to steer it in. Last, don’t be too care­ful. Stick with your nor­mal putting rou­tine and put a firm, con­fi­dent stroke on it.

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