Keep your eyes level for bet­ter ball-strik­ing

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hances are, you’ve never thought about this, but set­ting up with your head tilted to the left can cause a va­ri­ety of swing prob­lems.

It’s some­thing I see all the time in pic­tures that golfers send me on Twit­ter – a kind of “Nick­laus” ef­fect. But just be­cause Jack turned his head

Ca lit­tle be­fore he started the club back doesn’t mean you should. For starters, if you tilt your head, it’s harder to turn your shoul­ders, which usu­ally leads to a choppy down­swing. Also, tilt­ing to the left here can pro­mote tilt­ing to the right on the down­swing, which causes the club to bot­tom out too soon.Your sense of equi­lib­rium is con­trolled by stay­ing level to the hori­zon. Keep­ing your eyes level will help you stay in bal­ance.

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