Why’d I Do That?

You thin one square into the bunker lip

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here you are in a fair­way bunker, 150 out. No big deal, right? Nice lit­tle 5-iron. But you catch it thin, and the ball crashes into the lip

Tand rolls back down to your feet.

There are two things to re­mem­ber be­fore try­ing this shot: (1) Take more loft. If the dis­tance calls for a 5-iron but there’s a lip to get over, you prob­a­bly need a 7 or an 8. It’s bet­ter to get out and be short of the green than to risk the ball com­ing back at you. (2) Stay grounded. Great fair­way­bunker play­ers have a sta­ble lower body through­out the shot and a slight for­ward lean of the shaft at im­pact. That pro­vides a down­ward strike for solid con­tact. Play­ers who have a lot of body ac­tion strug­gle to catch the ball flush.They of­ten look “leggy,” with over­ac­tive hips and knees.

Prac­tise the Line Drill in a fair­way bunker. Draw a 10-foot line in the sand per­pen­dic­u­lar to your stance. Place sev­eral balls on the line, and set up so your ster­num is slightly ahead of it. Make three prac­tice swings get­ting your divot to start at the line and go for­ward. (A divot be­fore the line would be a fat shot; way past the line, a thin shot.) Then hit three balls in a row. Shift and ro­tate left be­fore you ac­cel­er­ate the club through the sand.

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