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De­cid­ing be­tween a ‘mini’ driver and a fair­way wood

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oth­ing of­fers more power off the tee than a prop­erly fit, full-size driver. So where does the new crop of“mini”driv­ers fit in?The two mini driv­ers and two fair­way woods pic­tured here have plenty of face pop, but the mini – about half the size of to­day’s driv­ers – is larger and has a longer shaft than a typ­i­cal 3-wood.This in­creased for­give­ness and club­head speed make the mini a good op­tion off the tee on shorter par 4s. One draw­back, though, is that the mini’s larger size makes it harder to hit off the turf. So if ver­sa­til­ity is what you’re af­ter, the mini might not be the play. Then again, if you have dif­fi­culty hit­ting your 3-wood off the ground, you should ditch it, too. In­stead, add a mini driver and a higher-lofted fair­way wood (16 to 17 de­grees) to your bag.This gives you two op­tions off the tee and a bet­ter chance for suc­cess from the fair­way.


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