Free up your driver

Try a lighter grip and shorter back­swing

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’m sure you have a hole at your course where you love to hit the tee shot.You can’t wait to get up there and bomb away, be­cause the fair­way is wide or the hole al­ways plays down­wind.

But don’t get overex­cited on that tee shot – or any other one with your driver – be­cause you can kill your swing with too much ten­sion in your hands and arms. I find that grip pres­sure and ten­sion hurt my swing more than any other tech­ni­cal prob­lem.

If you squeeze the grip too tightly, you en­gage all the mus­cles up and down your fore­arms and into your shoul­ders.Tight mus­cles move slower than loose ones – even if you feel very strong and ag­gres­sive when you’re hold­ing the club that way.

Make a con­scious ef­fort to loosen your hands and let your arms feel soft when you’re at ad­dress.Take the club back a bit shorter, and feel as if you’re crack­ing a whip on the way down – not tens­ing up to smash some­thing hard.

In this case, less is def­i­nitely more.Your long­est drives will come when you feel you’re swing­ing at 75 per­cent.


Loose mus­cles move faster than tight ones. Feel like you’re crack­ing a whip, not tight­en­ing your grip at im­pact. TEN­SION FREE Start out with lighter grip pres­sure to keep your arms and shoul­ders loose dur­ing your back­swing.

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