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eel is ev­ery­thing in putting. I use up­hill and down­hill putts to sharpen my touch. I want my stroke to mimic how I want the ball to roll. On up­hill putts you want to ac­cel­er­ate through the ball, like a race car pow­er­ing up a hill. But you mustn’t rush into the stroke. You mustn’t make it short and fast. Your tempo must be smooth. Fin­ish your through-stroke on an up­hill putt just like you

Ffin­ish your golf swing. For down­hill putts, I use a lit­tle bit of a dif­fer­ent stroke. If you have the same speed to your stroke on a down­hill putt as you do an a level one, you’re go­ing to knock it by. It’s not a shorter stroke, just slower, smoother. Def­i­nitely not jabby or ten­ta­tive. Don’t put the brakes on your stroke. Think of how a truck takes a down­grade – that’s the slow, steady mo­tion you want. Match the length of your stroke to the length of the putt.

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