The Eas­i­est Chip Shot

Putting with your 5-iron is a great play

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ere’s an e ec­tive way to chip when you don’t need to carry the ball a long dis­tance or there’s sketchy grass be­tween you and the green. In th­ese cases, your best chance at suc­cess will come from chip­ping with a putting stroke. Ray Floyd mas­tered this shot, and I’ve used his tech­nique ex­ten­sively at the Open Cham­pi­onship.

TRay would take his 5-iron, slide his hands down the grip and lean the shaft for­ward. His weight favoured his left foot. Then he would use his putting stroke to pop the ball on the green and get it rolling to the hole.

This swing takes the wrists out of the shot, mak­ing it eas­ier to hit the ball solidly. And us­ing your putting stroke im­proves feel and helps you con­trol dis­tance.Try this high-per­cent­age play. – ELE­MEN­TARY WAT­SON As you saw at St. An­drews, play­ing in the Open means brav­ing windy con­di­tions. Whether you turn the ball into a cross­wind or let it ride the wind, peo­ple for­get that the ball will bounce and roll in the di­rec­tion the wind is blow­ing. You have to plan for that.

Tom Wat­son

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