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How to train your body to add power

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he pivot mo­tion is the lifeblood of any golf swing. How the body winds go­ing back and un­winds com­ing through is the key to cre­at­ing en­ergy and trans­fer­ring it to the ball. In my new book, The A Swing:The Al­ter­na­tive Ap­proach to Great Golf, I ex­plain why it’s so im­por­tant to syn­chro­nise the body pivot with the arm swing.All good play­ers get this right. Learn to pivot cor­rectly with th­ese four steps.

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With­out a club, mimic your ad­dress pos­ture, but place your hands on the sides of your legs, with your right hand a few inches lower than your le . Your spine will tilt slightly to the right.

Sim­u­late your back­swing turn, keep­ing your arms against your sides. As you coil your up­per body and shi your weight away from the tar­get, your right hand will slide up and your le hand will slide down.

Be­fore you start un­wind­ing, trans­fer most of your weight from your right foot to your le with a lat­eral shi of the lower body. Your pelvis and legs should shi to­wards the tar­get, but your head should stay in place.

Just like in an ac­tual golf swing, ro­tate your hips and torso so they face the tar­get. Let your weight set­tle into the heel of your le foot, and make sure your hands re­turn to where they were at the be­gin­ning.

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