How you walk into a shot can in­flu­ence the re­sult.

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - News - SEAN FO­LEY

where it ac­tu­ally is. Com­pound­ing this prob­lem, many av­er­age golfers set­tle into their ad­dress po­si­tion with their bod­ies be­fore they aim the club­face. That can really throw off your align­ment.

If you want to im­prove your ac­cu­racy, walk into a shot the way most pros do. They come in from be­hind the ball, on a straight line to the tar­get. Then when they reach it, they get into their stance only af­ter they’ve set the club­head be­hind the ball, with the face look­ing at the tar­get. Re­mem­ber, it’s club­face first, then body. Get into this pre-shot habit, and you’ll hit your tar­gets more of­ten.

“It’s fine. I’m us­ing hands-free.”

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