All great put­ters do th­ese two things.

It starts with th­ese two fun­da­men­tals

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There are all kinds of putting styles, but most really good put­ters have two fun­da­men­tals in com­mon: (1) They keep their heads still dur­ing the stroke, and (2) they don’t look up un­til af­ter the ball leaves the put­ter­face.Arnold Palmer was so stable over his putts be­cause his head never seemed to move.And no mat­ter what style Sam Snead was us­ing, he said he didn’t want to look up un­til he heard the ball go in the hole. I’ve al­ways thought that most putts are missed be­cause golfers are too anx­ious to see the out­come. They look up too soon.To en­sure I don’t do that, I wait one count af­ter im­pact be­fore my head moves. That helps me con­tinue my stroke through the ball. It’s nat­u­ral to want to peek at the ball rolling, es­pe­cially on must-make putts. But re­mem­ber th­ese fun­da­men­tals when the pres­sure is on, and you’ll have a bet­ter chance of rolling it in.

– with nick seitz

NO PEEK­ING! Keep your eyes down for a beat af­ter im­pact.

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