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Curv­ing the ball is a sub­ject I cover a lot on Twit­ter, but that’s mostly be­cause play­ers are try­ing to get rid of too much curve. But if you want to be­come a com­plete player, you need to know how to move the ball both ways to go around ob­sta­cles. To make the ball hook, move it back slightly in your stance, close the face a few de­grees and make your grip stronger, turn­ing both hands away from the tar­get (above, left).To slice it, do the op­po­site: Move the ball for­ward, open the face slightly and take a weaker grip (above, right).

In both cases, ad­just your aim to ac­count for the big curve you’re set­ting up. Most golfers don’t change their aim enough, and end up hit­ting the ob­sta­cle or curv­ing past the tar­get. Hank Haney is based at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch, Lewisville, Texas. To get fixed in Golf Digest, send Hank your swing on Twit­ter: @HankDHaney.

TO HOOK IT Po­si­tion the ball back, close the face slightly and strengthen the grip.

TO SLICE IT Po­si­tion the ball for­ward, open the face slightly and weaken the grip.

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