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Sta­bil­ity is really im­por­tant when you swing back. If your legs are wob­bly and your body sways away from the tar­get, or your pos­ture changes from what it was at the start, you’re go­ing to have a tough time get­ting the club back to the ball with any con­sis­tency.

Cameron and I use a drill called The Neck­tie to help im­prove my sta­bil­ity on the back­swing. Here’s how it works: Dan­gle a club from your ster­num with your left hand. Now pivot your body – hips and shoul­ders turn­ing back to­gether – so the club­head moves from cen­tred be­tween your feet to point­ing at your right foot (right). Feel your right leg act­ing as a sup­port beam as you wind your up­per body over it.This will give you a good idea of how the body should pivot – and not slide – dur­ing the back­swing.

NECK­TIE DRILL Hang a club from your chest and turn so the club points to your back foot.

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