“At the top, I want my left arm to match the an­gle of my shoul­ders.”

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If you make an armsy back­swing or swing the club to the top in a ver­ti­cal po­si­tion, you de­crease your chances of hit­ting the ball solidly or with enough height to take ad­van­tage of to­day’s driv­ers.That steep move go­ing back is a se­ri­ous power drain.

You’ll pick up a lot more dis­tance if you can launch the ball higher and with less spin. My goal is to swing the club more around my body in­stead of above it. Ideally my left arm matches the an­gle of my shoul­ders, as I’m show­ing be­low. Pro­vided your arms move back in con­junc­tion with a good body pivot, you’ll be in po­si­tion to swing the club to the ball on a shal­low, in-to-out path. Com­ing down from the in­side helps cre­ate power and get the ball up in the air. That’s the way to hit it.

Jor­dan Spi­eth, World No 1, writes in­struc­tion ar­ti­cles only for Golf Digest.

AROUND, NOT UP Feel like the club is mov­ing around your up­per body on the back­swing.

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