What to learn from Louis Oosthuizen, owner of one of golf’s most beau­ti­ful swings

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Louis Oosthuizen pro­duces what seems like ef­fort­less power with his golf swing, and he does it much more with lever­age and good se­quenc­ing than with brute force.

In this pho­to­graph, you can see him do­ing two im­por­tant things to il­lus­trate this idea. He’s turn­ing his hips as he swings through im­pact, and his left leg is pro­vid­ing a stable an­chor point for him to pivot around. This al­lows his arms to whip through the hit­ting area with loose, free speed, like the end of a whip crack­ing in the air.

Be­cause Oosthuizen’s down­swing se­quenc­ing is so good and he’s pro­duc­ing so much speed, his arms are fully ex­tended as he comes through im­pact.

Many play­ers stop their body ro­ta­tion too soon and make a big lat­eral slide to­wards the tar­get, which can cause the arms to re­tract through im­pact and the lead el­bow to bend into an awk­ward po­si­tion.

Not only does this drain power from the swing, it forces the player to ma­nip­u­late the club­head to try to ei­ther square the face quickly or hold it off so it doesn’t turn over and pro­duce a big hook.

The les­son you can learn from Louis is to make sure you shift to your front side on the down­swing and keep turn­ing over your front leg. The mo­men­tum of this move will thrust your arms down and through the ball for max­i­mum power. – CLIFF SHROCK Louis Oosthuizen, 33, had his sec­ond best year on the PGA Tour in 2015, af­ter poor years in 2013 and 2014. His first year on tour was 2011 and best year was 2012. • 30th in FedEx Cup • $3.25 mil­lion in prize­money

(22nd) • 6 top 10s • T-2 at US Open and The Open BEST STATS: • 2nd in scram­bling from

10-20 yards (75%) • 8th in scram­bling from

rough (63%) • 11th in sand saves (61%)

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