Don’t get ‘line crazy.’ You’ll for­get to hit the putt.

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Don’t get “line crazy” on make­able putts.

Your must make putt is track­ing to the hole – but never gets there

You study the break from ev­ery an­gle.You set up metic­u­lously, make a nice, smooth stroke and start the ball right on line. It’s look­ing good, look­ing real good, but comes up one revo­lu­tion short.

Of course, this hap­pens all the time, but that doesn’t make it any eas­ier to swal­low – prob­a­bly tougher. What can you learn? Well, you ei­ther tried to wish it in and made a wimpy stroke, or you got “line crazy” and for­got about speed. Maybe you were afraid of leav­ing a come­backer. What­ever the case, you feel like snap­ping your put­ter in half. (Don’t.)

Next time, try to man­age your ner­vous en­ergy. Af­ter you’ve picked the line and set the put­ter be­hind the ball, fo­cus on hit­ting a solid putt. Think of strik­ing an imag­i­nary tack stuck in the back of the ball. And don’t ex­ag­ger­ate the fol­low-through – that can ac­tu­ally cause de­cel­er­a­tion. In­stead, make a pos­i­tive strike with a short fin­ish and hold it for a sec­ond.The ball will roll truer, and you’ll have a bet­ter chance of knock­ing it in.

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