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1 up­hill Get ac­cus­tomed to fight­ing grav­ity’s pull away from the tar­get. Start from your ad­dress pos­ture, and mimic a through-swing. The lead foot should stay planted on a plat­form while you re­sist the stretch band try­ing to pull the left shoul­der back.

2 down­hill To swing down a slope ef­fec­tively, stand with your back foot el­e­vated and your shoul­ders match­ing the in­cline. Mimic a swing. Your weight should re­main sup­ported by the front foot, and the club should stay on the same plane (point­ing down­ward). 3 side­hill and down­hill To keep from shift­ing too far to­wards your toes from this lie and mis-hit­ting the shot, hold a dumbbell in front of you with both hands, and then squat as you ex­tend the weight away from your body. Feel pres­sure in your heels as you squat.

4 bunkers An ef­fec­tive swing in the sand re­quires good arm speed and a sta­ble lower body. Grab a one- or two-kilo­gram medicine ball and get into a semi-squat golf pos­ture. While main­tain­ing bal­ance and pos­ture, make a golf-like swing as fast as you can.

5 rough Con­trol­ling the club­face while get­ting it to rip through thick grass comes down to good hand and arm strength. While kneel­ing with your arms rest­ing on a bench, lift a bar­bell up by bow­ing your wrists; let­ting your hands go from open to clenched.

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