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Here’s the prob­lem when you have a firm lie for a lit­tle pitch shot: Your in­stincts stink. You feel like you need to get the lead­ing edge of the club down and un­der the ball. But the big mis­take on these shots is us­ing the lead­ing edge too much, dig­ging, and chunk­ing the shot.

I tell am­a­teurs I play with to fo­cus on the back of the club­head, not the front edge. Take some prac­tice swings where you feel the back edge of the club’s sole slid­ing through the shot. To pro­mote this ac­tion, open the club­face at ad­dress and grip down a lit­tle. With the back edge touch­ing down first, you im­prove your chances of scoot­ing the face un­der the ball.

You also want to keep ev­ery­thing mov­ing to­gether. Peo­ple tend to let their hands take over on these shots, but to make a con­sis­tent strike, you have to turn your body through. A good key for me is mak­ing sure I fin­ish with the club in front of my chest (be­low). Then I know I kept ev­ery­thing to­gether.

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