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There’s no good way on the prac­tice green to sim­u­late pres­sure putts. The trick to han­dling them is be­ing pre­pared for the pres­sure. Your best de­fence is hav­ing a pre-putt rou­tine and an aware­ness of how stress af­fects you.

Brandt might be the fastest put­ter in the game to­day, and there’s a les­son there. But he takes enough time to do three things I see in great put­ters: (1) He picks a line from be­hind the ball (above); (2) he tracks his eyes down the line as he makes prac­tice strokes; and (3) he puts a firm rap on the ball – no long, wimpy strokes. I see him putt and think, Com­mit and hit.

The last thought I’ll share is that stress finds its way into the hands, so check your grip pres­sure. If you can keep cool, you’ll own the most im­por­tant shot there is: the one that puts the ball in the hole.

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