Quiz on drop­ping.

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You place a tee in the ground to help mark the area where you in­tend to drop and then let the ball fall.The ball lands and stops in the drop area, but not be­fore skim­ming the tee. Should you re-drop? Watch­ing your op­po­nent take a drop, you see he holds the ball at shoul­der height but icks his wrist as he lets the ball fall, putting ex­tra spin on it. If you call him out for do­ing that, can he cor­rect the mis­take with­out penalty? Be­fore tak­ing a drop, you grab an­other ball from your bag and drop it to see what the out­come might be when it’s time to do it for real. Is this al­lowed? A bush within the proper drop area catches your ball on the way down, and the ball gets stuck in its branches with­out ever touch­ing the ground. Re-drop? You drop a ball near the edge of a bunker, and it rolls in. Re-drop? As long as you ex­tend your arm and let the ball fall from your hand, does it mat­ter how high you po­si­tion your arm? Your op­po­nent at­tempts to drop within two clublengths of a lat­eral wa­ter haz­ard.The ball rolls into the haz­ard, re­quir­ing him to re-drop. In­stead of do­ing that, can he choose an­other re­lief op­tion – such as re­turn­ing to the spot of his pre­vi­ous stroke? A course en­acted a Lo­cal Rule al­low­ing for a drop zone on its is­land par 3.You choose to use the zone af­ter plunk­ing one in the wa­ter.You drop your ball, and it hits in­side the zone but rolls away from the hole ve cen­time­tres out­side the zone. Re-drop? You re­alise your ball will be lost for­ever in a wa­ter haz­ard af­ter tak­ing a drop out­side the haz­ard but on the slope of its bank. Can you drop the ball and stop it from go­ing into the wa­ter as long as you wait un­til af­ter it crosses the mar­gin of the haz­ard?

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