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Solve break­ing putts: Knock them in more of­ten.

How do you aim a long break­ing putt? Well, you have a few op­tions. Dave Stock­ton and Arnold Palmer have ad­vised me over the years to pick a spot right in front of the ball on the path to the putt’s apex, or high­est point of the break.An­other strat­egy is to aim fur­ther down the line, about half­way, at the ac­tual apex.

My pre­ferred method is a lit­tle di er­ent. First, I gure out how much the putt will break.Then, I pick a spot that’s an ex­ten­sion of that path to the apex, all the way out to hole-high (above).This al­lows me to treat a big breaker like it’s a straight putt. I sim­ply aim at that spot even with the hole.

Av­er­age golfers tend to un­der­play break, be­cause their fo­cus is typ­i­cally on the hole and not on get­ting the ball on the cor­rect path.Th­ese op­tions move the em­pha­sis away from the cup and help you start the ball on a line that gives it a chance to drop. –

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