How to loft it or let it run and get a kick-in putt

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - By Ryan Palmer

Two shots you need to know.

You’re 20 or 30 me­tres short of the green, and the pin’s just a few steps on. You’ll have to y it most of the way. Grab your high­est lofted wedge, and take a nar­row stance, with most of your weight on the front foot (1).Your stance should be open, the ball well for­ward, and your grip pres­sure light.

Swing back to about hip high, and as you come down keep your wrists rm (2). If you ip your wrists, you’ll have trou­ble hit­ting the ball solid or get­ting enough height on the shot. In­stead, think of it as a mini swing: Do all the things you do in your nor­mal swing, just to a lesser de­gree. This will keep you from us­ing all arms, which I see a lot of am­a­teurs do.Turn your shoul­ders, and let your body pivot nat­u­rally.

At im­pact, don’t try to help the ball up. Swing through and let the loft on the club­face do the work (3). If you close the face at all, the ball will come out low and run. Hold­ing the face open through im­pact will pro­duce max­i­mum tra­jec­tory.

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