Swing shorter and hit it with au­thor­ity

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - Butch Har­mon is a Golf Di­gest Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional.

Avoid costly mis­takes on par­tial wedge shots.

Most golfers hate par­tial wedge shots be­cause they don’t have a good plan for play­ing them. They tend to make too big a back­swing and then have to de­cel at im­pact to avoid smash­ing the ball over the green.When you slow down like that, ev­ery­thing gets out of sync, which makes it tough to catch the ball solid.

The se­cret to th­ese shots is mak­ing a shorter, wider back­swing (below, left), so you can ac­cel­er­ate through the ball.You want to be able to ro­tate your torso and swing your arms faster on the down­swing – that’s an ath­letic move that pro­duces more con­sis­tent re­sults.When ev­ery­thing moves through the shot to­gether, you can make a rm strike and not worry about putting too much on it.

I tell my stu­dents who strug­gle with th­ese shots to com­mit to this phrase:“Wide back, ac­cel­er­ate through.”

Get your body fac­ing the tar­get at the nish and your arms fur­ther through than they went back (below, right). To do that with con dence, the key is a shorter back­swing.

GO BACK WIDE A compact swing with your arms ex­tended is bet­ter than long and loose.

TURN THROUGH When your arms and body go through to­gether, you’ll make bet­ter con­tact.

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