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1. No. A small ob­ject like a tee or coin used to mark the drop area isn’t con­sid­ered equip­ment

. If it were on the ground for an­other rea­son and the ball struck it, you would need to re-drop.

2. Yes. If he doesn’t re-drop prop­erly, it’s a one-shot penalty .

3. No. It’s con­trary to the pur­pose and spirit of the rules . Penalty is loss of hole in match play or two shots in stroke play .

4. No. The ball was in play when it struck the course within the proper area b .

5. Yes, Even if the ball didn’t roll any fur­ther than the pre­scribed dis­tance, such as two club-lengths

c i .

6. Yes. Your arm needs to be at shoul­der height a .

7. No. Once he dropped cor­rectly un­der an ap­pli­ca­ble rule c , if a re-drop is re­quired, the other op­tions are no longer per­mit­ted

c .

8. No. The ball does not have to rest in the zone .

9. Yes c . If a ball rolls to a place where a re-drop is re­quired (e.g., a haz­ard), you can grab it be­fore it stops, pro­vided it’s likely it would not leave that area.

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