Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Family Day -

No mat­ter how much pa­tience you have, when you be­come a par­ent, you find more. It’s a good thing to have a lot of – in life and in golf. When Dash and I go to the range, I think we both build this qual­ity in our­selves. To even tee a ball is a del­i­cate mo­tor skill at his age, and so to steady his hand he must re­ally fo­cus and not get un­nerved by fail­ure. Me, I’ll be kneel­ing there, feed­ing balls and en­cour­age­ment – not gush­ing pos­i­tive feed­back, but enough to let him know he’s do­ing a good job – all while watch­ing that split grip. Once his hands be­gan to mi­grate closer to­gether, it took more than a month for them to fi­nally touch. A cou­ple of times I did try phys­i­cally mov­ing his hands and ex­plain­ing why, but what re­ally worked was Dash watch­ing me hit balls. He un­der­stood it on his time. That’s golf.

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