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You’ll hit the ball bet­ter with a shorter back­swing.

Alot of peo­ple think you need to make a big shoul­der turn on the back­swing to hit solid, pow­er­ful tee shots. I dis­agree. A big back­swing is not for ev­ery­one. Many golfers’ swings get out of whack when they try to in­crease how far they go back. They get wild with the lower body or make a big over-the-top loop on the down­swing be­cause they’ve lost con­trol.

Just like when you buy a new set of clubs, the dis­tance you take the club back should be cus­tom- t to your body. And here’s a great way to de­ter­mine it: Kneel on a cou­ple of tow­els, hold your driver like you’re ad­dress­ing a shot, and make a back­swing (be­low). Be­cause your lower body can’t re­ally as­sist in the mo­tion, you’ll have to rely on the mus­cles of your mid-back to ro­tate your torso. Those mus­cles around the tho­racic spine will de­ter­mine your back­swing length. When you can’t turn back any fur­ther from your knees, that’s your new, cus­tom-made back­swing.

Re­mem­ber that spot when you stand up and swing for real. Make your back­swing t your body, and you’ll start hit­ting bet­ter drives be­cause the mo­tion will have syn­chronic­ity and con­trol.

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