Bump your hips for­ward to hit from the in­side

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Use your lower body to stop los­ing shots right.

Chances are, you have a de­cent setup, but you strug­gle with the tran­si­tion from go­ing back to com­ing down. When peo­ple send me videos on Twit­ter, I see that a lot.

If you tend to slice – which is 90 per­cent of play­ers – you prob­a­bly hang back as you start down, push­ing the club away from you and cut­ting across the ball. Us­ing your lower body bet­ter can break that se­quence.

From the top, make your rst move a bump of the hips lat­er­ally, so that the side of your lead hip would hit a club stand­ing out­side your foot (be­low). Once you make that bump – with your up­per body stay­ing over the ball – turn your hips and swing through. That sets up a down­swing from the in­side, elim­i­nat­ing that outto-in slice pat­tern.

BACK­SWING Stand up a club off your front foot, and prac­tice turn­ing away from it.

DOWN­SWING Bump your hips lat­er­ally to the club first, then start turn­ing through.

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