Trou­ble right? Stop try­ing to go straight

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Got a slice?

Isee this mis­take all the time: Slicers come to a hole with trou­ble on the right and tee up in the mid­dle of the tee box. Thirty sec­onds later they’re watch­ing the ball peel o into the junk. The prob­lem is, they’re set­ting up to hit a straight drive, look­ing down the mid­dle of the fair­way, in­stead of play­ing for a left-to-right shot.

If you ght a slice, tee your ball on the far right side, next to the right tee marker. That gets your eyes look­ing down the left side of the hole. Look­ing straight brings all that trou­ble into view, which ba­si­cally draws you to it.You need to start your ball to the left, so get your eyes track­ing that way from the be­gin­ning.

Af­ter you tee up on the right, go be­hind the ball and pick a tar­get on the left that al­lows for your nor­mal shot. Then step in and put the club­head be­hind the ball, aim­ing the face at that tar­get (inset). Set your feet and body lines at a right an­gle to the club­face. Now you’re in a square setup, just shifted 20 or 30 me­tres to the left. From there, swing where you’re aimed (be­low). Fair­way!

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