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Short on time in the gym? Golf Di­gest fit­ness ad­viser Ben Shear cre­ated an ex­er­cise that trains the lower and up­per body in one com­pound move­ment. “It trains the hips, knees, glutes, back and shoul­ders in one shot,” he says. The only thing you need is a dumbbell and some­thing to sit on for the squat por­tion of the ex­er­cise. A plyo box or bench will work. “The box can be as tall as you need it to be to do the squat por­tion of the move­ment,” Shear says. Do three sets of 10 reps of this ex­er­cise, and you’re done for the day. € RK 1/ Start by do­ing a sin­gle-leg deadli hold­ing a dumbbell on the same side as the trail leg. 2/ While bent over, pull the dumbbell up un­til it’s chest high and then re­turn it to the hang­ing po­si­tion. 3/ Swing the trail leg for­ward for bal­ance and then 4/ do a sin­gle-leg squat un­til your butt touches the box/bench. 5/ Stand up on one leg and 6/ push the dumbbell straight up to the sky.

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