“To set up a smooth down­swing, I pause for a beat at the top.”

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Be­cause the short irons are pre­ci­sion clubs, you need pre­cise fun­da­men­tals.Align your feet care­fully with the tar­get line, and your hips and shoul­ders will fall into place au­to­mat­i­cally. I like my weight dis­trib­uted 60-40 on my left side, and I keep it that way through­out the back­swing. I po­si­tion the ball in the cen­tre of my stance, but if cen­tre doesn’t feel right to you, play it back a bit – that’s bet­ter for solid con­tact than play­ing it up.

Start the swing with your arms and shoul­ders mov­ing back to­gether, so one part doesn’t out­race the other. Fo­cus on keep­ing your hands in front of your torso: I like them to feel “in­side my chest” (1). At the top, my swing has a dis­tinct pause (2), which helps me cre­ate a smooth se­quence com­ing down. Start the down­swing all at once (3), so your arms don’t lag be­hind and cause the club to fall be­hind you.

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