Hid­den Key to Solid Strikes

The sup­port­ing el­e­ments can make all the di er­ence

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he move­ment of the knees, though sel­dom dis­cussed, is vi­tal to hit­ting good shots.The knees pro­vide sta­bil­ity, back and through, and help en­sure you hit the ball with the cen­tre of the club­face. Let’s start with the front knee. On the back­swing, it should re­main exed and point­ing at

Tor be­hind the ball. This al­lows you to make a good hip turn and com­plete the back­swing by fully shift­ing to your right side. On the down­swing, the front knee should ro­tate a lit­tle to­wards the tar­get, but more im­por­tant, it has to straighten to brace the body for the hit.

The back knee also should re­main exed as you go back. This pre­vents the body from sway­ing away from the tar­get and out of po­si­tion for im­pact. The back knee should start in a kicked-in po­si­tion, point­ing at the ball, and pretty much stay that way un­til you swing down. That’s when it moves to­wards the ball be­fore end­ing up tucked be­hind the front knee.

A good drill to help train bet­ter knee ac­tion is one I saw LPGA great Mickey Wright demon­strate in this mag­a­zine many years ago. Put a golf ball un­der the out­side of your back foot and make some prac­tice swings. This helps give you a feel for how to pre­vent that back­swing sway that ru­ins so many shots. Give it a try, and your im­pact will im­prove. Tom Wat­son

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