Big­ger Drives

Give the ball an up­per­cut to hit your best tee shots ever

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o max­imise driv­ing dis­tance, long-ball hit­ters like Bubba Wat­son (above) catch the ball on the up­swing. Sweep­ing it o the tee in­creases the dis­tance the ball stays in the air and re­duces back­spin, so it rolls more when it lands. This is the same ap­proach to the driver I use when teach­ing my new A Swing. All you need to do is make some easy ad­just­ments to hit longer drives. Fol­low these steps.

TDavid Leadbetter, 1. TILT BE­HIND THE BALL

Ad­dress the ball so it’s in line with your le heel, and widen your stance be­yond shoul­der width. Your spine should be tilted away from the tar­get, and your ster­num be­hind the ball. Also, make sure the sha is not lean­ing to­wards the tar­get. 2. SMOOTH TO THE TOP

Rhythm is the key to con­sis­tency, so it’s im­por­tant to put some flow into your back­swing. Use your core mus­cles to start the club back, and try to keep your arms re­laxed as you swing to the top. Don’t let anx­i­ety cause you to rush.

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