An­chor­ing, Sch­manker­ing

Who needs an­chored putting? Try my Ga­tor Clamp in­stead

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e all know the USGA has made it il­le­gal to an­chor the club to your body dur­ing the putting stroke. But what a lot of golfers don’t know is how they’re go­ing to putt if they’ve been an­chor­ing and now can’t. Three years ago I came up with a grip that helps sta­bilise the stroke, like an­chor­ing does. I call it the Ga­tor Clamp be­cause you use your right hand to clamp the top of the grip against your left fore­arm (above). Your right hand looks like an al­li­ga­tor chomp­ing on your left arm.

W(Truth is, it’s the Ga­tor Clamp be­cause I played for the Univer­sity of Florida, and we Ga­tors love our mas­cot.) You might re­mem­ber me play­ing Tiger Woods in the 1996 US Am­a­teur nal. Why didn’t I turn pro? Ac­tu­ally I did, but I strug­gled with my putting. I’ve had some form of the yips since I was 19. So it was a long road of yip reme­dies that brought me to the Ga­tor Clamp. To give it a try, start with a slightly longer put­ter, called a mid-length put­ter. Place the butt of the grip against your left fore- arm.This will arch your left wrist slightly and get the grip run­ning up the life­line of your left palm, both of which sta­bilise the put­ter­face. This also will tilt the shaft to­wards the tar­get, so it’s good to get a put­ter with some loft – mine has 6 de­grees.

But the big di er­ence is how the right hand goes on. Most lousy putting comes from the right hand pronat­ing, or re­leas­ing, too much through im­pact. So clamp that right hand against the left fore­arm, with the butt of the grip sand­wiched in be­tween. Now the right hand is in a fully ipped po­si­tion from the start – you can’t yip it from there.

As you swing the put­ter back and through, let the right arm act as a pis­ton. That’s all there is to it. It’s a great al­ter­na­tive to an­chor­ing, but it can help any golfer. Steve Scott, 38, is the head pro­fes­sional at Para­mount CC in New City, New York.

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