You punch out side­ways – into more trou­ble

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The punch-out that gets you into even more trou­ble.

Thanks to a wild drive, you’re sur­rounded by trees, but for once you lis­ten to that voice in­side your head: Just punch it back in play. Prob­lem is, you hit the ball too hard, send­ing it across the fair­way into the junk on the other side. Not your nest mo­ment. Next time you face a shot like this, do what most golfers don’t do: Walk out to­wards the fair­way, and take a look. Pick a tar­get that al­lows for some roll. Re­mem­ber, a low punch shot is go­ing to run, es­pe­cially with a mid­dle iron. When hit­ting out side­ways, many high-hand­i­caps make too big a swing. Take the club back slow, and keep the mo­tion com­pact. Also, be care­ful not to put hook spin on the ball. That’ll just make it scoot even fur­ther.

The more ad­vanced player can try a cut swing.To do that, stand closer to the ball, open the face and swing out to in.The ball will fade and run less. But re­mem­ber, an open face sends the ball higher. If you have to stay un­der branches, take less loft.

Now go hit the next shot on.

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