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Un­lock ex­tra power by ro­tat­ing your hips.

The move­ment of the hips is im­por­tant for gen­er­at­ing club­head speed at im­pact. But most golf in­struc­tion fo­cuses on how the hips un­wind as the club swings into the ball. Not to be ig­nored is how they should ro­tate on the backswing.

The hands, arms and shoul­ders start the swing, which in turn gets the hips to ro­tate. No­tice I said “ro­tate. ”You don’t want the hips to slide. Brace on the in­side of your right foot, and turn your right butt cheek be­hind you. Re­mem­ber these keys: The right hip turns back, and the left knee moves to­wards the ball (above). That com­bi­na­tion lets you fully wind the up­per body, stor­ing power that you’ll use to re the club through im­pact. Hip ro­ta­tion in the sec­ond half of the swing hap­pens in a ash. As you shift your weight for­ward by press­ing down with the left heel, your hips will slide slightly, no more than a few inches to­wards the tar­get. That slide hap­pens as the hips start to undo their backswing turn. Your end goal in the downswing is to trans­fer your weight to your left heel while ro­tat­ing your hips un­til your belly­but­ton faces the tar­get. Let your hips lead the way, and you’ll max out your speed at im­pact.

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