The 3 keys you re­ally have to know

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - Chris Kirk, 31, has four PGA Tour vic­to­ries and played on the US team that won the 2015 Pres­i­dents Cup.

My bunker cheat sheet.

Dur­ing the o sea­son, I play a lot with my ama­teur bud­dies in At­lanta. I have a big edge in the short game, and bunker play in par­tic­u­lar. These tips are for them – they know who they are – and for you, too. (1) At ad­dress, lean to your front side. Push 80 per­cent of your weight to your for­ward leg, enough that you feel pres­sure in the thigh. That sets up a de­scend­ing blow .A lot of golfers hang on the back foot, sens­ing they need to help the ball up. But you’ve got to hit down.

(2) With the clubface slightly open, take the club back to the out­side. Then swing down on an out-to-in path, but not too steep.You don’t want to dig. You’re look­ing for a slid­ing ac­tion. Let the bounce, the heavy sole of your sand wedge, con­trol the depth. (3)The nal key is rhythm. Keep it slow and smooth. See my long fol­low-through? You can only do that with a nice, even tempo. Re­mem­ber these three tips, and you’ll be ne.

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