Squeaky Clean

Your golf ball is shiny again, but is that a penalty? There are times dur­ing a round when the rules al­low you to re­store the pearly white nish to your golf ball, but there are times when you can’t. See if you know the di er­ence by an­swer­ing “can” or “can’

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A sliver of the ball is on the putting green, but the rest is on the fringe.


Be­fore your tee shot, you ad­dress a ball, wag­gle the club and ac­ci­den­tally knock the ball o the tee.


Your ball plugs in thick rough and has a wad of mud at­tached to it.


Af­ter hit­ting into a wa­ter haz­ard, you de­cide to take a penalty stroke and pick the ball up.


Your ball is in­ter­fer­ing with your op­po­nent’s stance, so he asks that you mark and lift it.


You nd a ball cov­ered in wet grass clip­pings and want to re­move a lit­tle to de­ter­mine whether it’s your ball.


You mark your ball’s po­si­tion in the rough and pick it up af­ter play is sus­pended be­cause of a thun­der­storm. Now it’s time to re­sume play, so you re­place the ball back in the rough.


While search­ing for your ball, you nd it next to a mower parked by the main­te­nance shed, and the mower in­ter­feres with your stance.You can’t move it, so you de­cide to take re­lief.


You’re play­ing in a scram­ble, and it’s your turn to hit from the fair­way.Your ball was scu ed a lit­tle from the tee shot, and you want to re­store its luster.

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