I’ve no­ticed a lot of pros take their golf glove o be­tween ev­ery shot. Most peo­ple I play with take their glove o only to putt. Does it mat­ter?

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ADoes it mat­ter? Of course it mat­ters. If you take your glove o af­ter ev­ery shot and stu it in your back pocket with the ngers hang­ing out, you look like “The Out­law Josey Wales” walk­ing down the fair­way with his sixshooter hol­stered. It has no real pur­pose, but it sure does look cool. Re­mov­ing the golf glove started decades ago by play­ers such as Arnold Palmer and Sam Snead.They did it to im­prove their feel when putting. Back then, golf gloves were about as tac­tile as your grand­mother’s mit­tens. But that’s no longer the case.The amount of feel in most mod­ern gloves is much bet­ter. You might say the im­prove­ment par­al­lels de­vel­op­ment in an­other prod­uct where sen­si­tiv- ity is para­mount (rhymes with ton­doms). My friend says a hole can be placed on the green only where it’s at for at least a me­tre around the cup. I say no way. ▶▶▶ I hope you didn’t have a bet rid­ing on this one, be­cause your friend is mostly cor­rect. The R&A rec­om­mends that “an area two to three feet in ra­dius around the hole should be as nearly level as pos­si­ble and of uni­form grade. In no case should holes be lo­cated in tricky places, or on sharp slopes, where a ball can gather speed.A player above the hole should be able to stop the ball at the hole.”The R&A also prefers hole lo­ca­tions that can hold the typ­i­cal ap­proach shot.That’s why you rarely see the Euro­pean or PGA Tour put a cup closer than four paces from the edge of a green; it’s too se­vere. Even on the

nal day of the Masters, only one cup was closer than ve paces (the par-5 sec­ond). If you want to save face with your friend, just re­mem­ber that there’s no such thing as an il­le­gal hole lo­ca­tion.The R&A “rec­om­mends” but doesn’t man­date spots. Hole place­ments are typ­i­cally picked by the green­keeper. Pray he got a good night’s sleep. What’s the shelf life of golf balls that are stored in a cool, dry place? ▶▶▶ We never seem to have them long enough to nd out. In fact, if you don’t mind dust­ing o a few of the sleeves you seem to be hoard­ing in your garage next to the pack­ages of ra­men noo­dles and bat­ter­ies, we’d ap­pre­ci­ate the do­na­tion.Titleist says its balls are still good af­ter ve years. If you’re won­der­ing about a ball you scooped out of a wa­ter haz­ard, it de­pends on how long it was sub­merged.We once tested the av­er­age driv­ing dis­tance of two-piece balls that had been un­der­wa­ter. Balls sub­merged for more than eight days lost six me­tres on a cen­tre-face strike. Con­versely, to­day’s mul­ti­layer tourqual­ity balls stored in your garage for long pe­ri­ods should be ne.

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