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Now sup­pose your full gap wedge goes 110 yards and you’ve got 104 to the hole. To make that wedge fly six yards shorter, a lot of amateurs swing soer. They try to slow down a hair at im­pact, but that of­ten causes them to hang back and flip their hands. For­get dis­tance con­trol – now they’re lucky if the ball gets in the air. A bet­ter method is to set your hands lower on the grip, then swing at nor­mal speed. For me, grip­ping down an inch takes off five yards. Some­times I’ll go down the en­tire length of the grip to take as much as 20 yards off a wedge. Swing­ing ag­gres­sively is the only way to achieve good con­tact and to get the ball fly­ing on a pre­dictable tra­jec­tory. In this photo, you can tell I’ve fired my hips and chest to­wards the tar­get with speed. I’m turn­ing through with my big mus­cles so that my arms and hands feel as if they’re just along for the ride. Like the backswing, I want my fol­low-through to be ab­bre­vi­ated. Again, check out how my hands are in front of my chest, not lazily droop­ing over my shoul­der. When I prac­tice, I like to hit to dif­fer­ent tar­gets. Mix­ing it up with each ball sim­u­lates what you face on the course: one chance to get it right.


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