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Okay, this is not the most ex­cit­ing shot, but a stan­dard chip saves more strokes than any other shot. And if you can learn to hit it solid, it bleeds into the rest of your game. To start my prac­tice ses­sions, I be­gin with lit­tle 10-yard chips to hone the feel­ing of cen­tre-face con­tact.

So here’s a quick re­fresher on the ba­sics: Take your setup with a bit more weight on the front foot. Some golfers stand open, but I pre­fer to set up square with a nar­row stance. Push your hands just ahead of the ball so the shaŒ is lean­ing slightly for­ward.

The chip is ba­si­cally an up­per-body move­ment. I don’t want my hips or legs mov­ing much at all. To make this lit­tle swing, I feel like a slight swivel­ing of my chest is the mo­tor that drives the club­head. The for­ward an­gle in my wrists cre­ated at ad­dress stays fairly con­stant, but the key is to not be overly stiff dur­ing the swing, es­pe­cially at im­pact. I see a lot of amateurs tense up and dig the lead­ing edge. With soŒ wrists, you let the club re­lease past your hands just a tiny bit (leŒ). This ac­ti­vates the bounce, that wide bot­tom of the club­head that saves us all from hit­ting hot scream­ers and chili-dips.


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