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hat are the things I get asked the most about on Twit­ter? Tiger Woods and your golf swing. We’ll save Tiger for an­other day, but if you want help with your swing, here are a few tips for shoot­ing it that will help me – or who­ever’s look­ing – pro­vide use­ful ad­vice.

The two main ways to look at the swing are face-on (di­rectly across from the player) and down the line (aim­ing the cam­era down-range). Both an­gles have their ad­van­tages. Face-on shows some setup an­gles, the grip, body po­si­tion and weight shift, but it isn’t the best view for a thor­ough di­ag­no­sis.

If you’re pick­ing one an­gle, shoot down the line, from be­hind the player look­ing at the tar­get (left). Set the cam­era about chest high and on an imag­i­nary line halfway be­tween the ball and the feet. Make sure it’s far enough back so the whole club is vis­i­ble through­out the backswing. Have a friend hold the cam­era, or clip it to your bag or cart.

From there, you can see the club swing in re­la­tion to the tar­get and where the ball starts in re­la­tion to where you’re aim­ing. I’m look­ing for the thing that causes your big miss.You don’t have to see – or x – ev­ery­thing, but an ac­cu­rate video is im­por­tant.

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