Sharpen Your Aim

Learn this sim­ple rou­tine the pros use

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olf is hard. Don’t make it any harder by turn­ing good swings into bad re­sults be­cause you’re not aim­ing prop­erly.

Look­ing back at the great play­ers,you see lots of di er­ent swings. But vir­tu­ally all of these play­ers aimed the same way,

Gs­tart­ing be­hind the ball and pic­tur­ing where and how they wanted it to y.

Many am­a­teurs get in their stance rst, then look up, see some trou­ble and move their feet around to try to aim away from it. Or they take one look at the tar­get, then fo­cus all their at­ten­tion down at the ball.

Try this in­stead. Stand be­hind the ball, fac­ing the tar­get, and see the line you want to start your shot on. Pick an in­ter­me­di­ate tar­get a few feet in front of your ball, and pic­ture a line from your ball to that tar­get. Then walk in and set your body lines – feet, hips and shoul­ders – par­al­lel to that line. Over the ball, look from the in­ter­me­di­ate tar­get to your real tar­get as you “see” in your mind the shot you want to hit.

I’ll bet you get bet­ter re­sults with­out mak­ing a sin­gle change to your me­chan­ics. Hank Haney

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