O the Beaten Path

It’s hard to flush it o ce­ment. Here’s what you should do in­stead

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now­ing the cor­rect pro­ce­dure for tak­ing re­lief with­out penalty from an arti cial path on a course has al­ways per­plexed golfers. It’s not as sim­ple as search­ing for a spot just o the path that gives you a bet­ter lie for your next shot. Here’s what you need to know about get­ting a free drop from a cart­path (Rule 24-2). – RON KASPRISKE

KDo you know how to han­dle? Where is the ball lo­cated on or near the path? You’re not en­ti­tled to re­lief just be­cause a path is used by carts or walk­ers. It’s what the path is made of that mat­ters. Paths that are ar­ti­fi­cially sur­faced (ce­ment, wood chips, crushed shells, etc) are con­sid­ered ob­struc­tions, and you can take re­lief. But if your ball winds up on a path of dirt, pine straw or tram­pled grass that has been cre­ated by foot traf­fic, there is no free re­lief un­less that area has been marked as ground un­der re­pair. – RK Still con­fused about where to take re­lief from an ob­struc­tion? Check out our video ex­pla­na­tion Cart­path Con­fu­sion at video.golfdi­gest.com.


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