“Korean moms and dads give their daugh­ters candy when they make a birdie.”

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player out here, Ly­dia Ko, is 19. Ly­dia was born in South Korea but was raised in New Zealand, and I would say she hangs mostly with this young crowd.

The mean girls? They’re all pretty, al­most ex­clu­sively blonde, and usu­ally diehard Repub­li­cans.These mean girls are nice to your face but then make a com­ment about you as soon as you leave. If you’re not wear­ing the right de­signer brands, watch out.Very few women have cloth­ing deals with fully scripted out ts, so only in our locker room will you ever hear, “Can you be­lieve she paired that top with that skirt?” I al­ways con­sid­ered Cristie Kerr the queen bee. If she doesn’t know you, she won’t greet you.

Funny, though, just the other week I was sneak­ing o the back nine for a prac­tice round and there she was.

I thought, Cristie Kerr. My stom­ach went into my throat. We ended up play­ing to­gether, and she was ac­tu­ally very funny.We had a great time, so maybe I’m on her good side now.

Un­like the men, we can’t af­ford to put our posses or lit­ters on a pri­vate jet each week. A cou­ple of the top Asian play­ers y pri­vate now and again, but that’s about it. Michelle Wie? If any­one could swing it, sure, but that girl would rather ride in the back of a Grey­hound bus when Air Swoosh isn’t pay­ing. It’s not that she’s cheap; she’s just down to earth.

So, yes, with the same flights, ho­tels, restau­rants, spon­sor func­tions with evening gowns and open bars, you bet­ter be­lieve there are some play­ers who are all up in each other’s busi­ness. – WITH MAX ADLER

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